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Exclusive necklaces: jewellery for luxurious looks

Gold necklace has always been considered a symbol of wealth, success, high status of the owner. It is one of the most elite types of jewellery, a royal piece of jewellery. A golden necklace adorning the neck and neckline of a woman can make any image complete and exquisite. This is the oldest type of jewellery, the first copies of which were discovered during the excavation of archaeological layers of Paleolithic times. Of course, those variants of jewellery had little resemblance to modern elite costume jewellery. For their manufacture, stones, bones, shells were used. Women's necklaces, which have an external resemblance to modern samples, appeared much later.

In ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, jewellery appeared, glowing with the brilliance of precious metals and luxury. Such necklaces on the neck and to this day are considered one of the most expensive finds of archaeologists. Since those times, the design of products has changed many times, transformed and fashion for different types of jewellery, materials and decorations. Today you can buy a necklace in different versions of execution - both in the traditional style and in a modern interpretation.

How to choose a stylish neck jewellery

Choosing a designer luxury costume jewellery necklace it is important to consider not only aesthetic preferences, but also several other important parameters, among which are:

your budget and the cost of the products;

the materials used to make the jewellery

the presence of decoration, inlay

the size of the jewellery;

correspondence of the model to the preferred style in clothes and image.

On sale there are quite a few variants of necklaces made of silver, gold, platinum. They differ from each other and the strength of the metal, and the price of stones, and design. All these and many other characteristics affect the final price of the jewellery. For example, a silver necklace with jewellery enamel will definitely cost less than an exclusive diamond necklace made of gold. Many European and global brands prefer to create fashionable quality products for every budget. In their collections you can find both affordable necklaces with pendants, and luxurious necklaces with diamonds or platinum products with a scattering of precious stones.

The appearance of a necklace made of gold or other metal is the hallmark of a piece of jewellery. The design will tell you a lot - about the philosophy of the brand and its approach to the production of products, about the character and mood of the master who created the sketch of the jewellery. Imagine the gold neck necklace you would like to wear. Study the catalogues of jewellery houses in detail and find the variants that most accurately meet your expectations. Perhaps, in the process of searching your dreams will change dramatically and when looking at a necklace made of white gold with diamonds you will completely forget that you wanted to try on a necklace with pearls made of silver.

Metal is another important characteristic that directly affects the appearance of the product, its cost and purpose. Necklaces made of white gold - a luxurious accessory that can exalt any image to unthinkable heights. It is difficult to call such jewellery everyday, but they will perfectly complement the evening image or business look of a successful woman.

Diamond necklace is a choice for important events. It is unlikely to look harmoniously in a set with a tracksuit or jeans. But with an evening dress or an elegant suit from a famous brand will definitely be a perfect match.

To create stylish everyday looks, you can buy a silver necklace. By choosing a piece from the collection of a jewellery brand you will definitely not make a mistake. You can buy a silver necklace both in a simple laconic version and decorated with semi-precious and precious stones. Refined lines, graceful curves of malleable material, shimmers of steel colour - there are many reasons to buy a silver necklace and wear it with great pleasure.

Many connoisseurs of branded jewellery prefer to buy a necklace made of gold. You should not overload the image with too massive jewellery. Today in the trend - graceful refined pendants on a thin chain, plant motifs, lightness and elegance. Large stones, inlaid with a large number of semi-precious stones, layered jewellery is a thing of the past. If you want to buy costume jewellery necklaces in a fashionable and up-to-date version - consider the latest collections of jewellery brands and find the solution that will suit you in all parameters.

The size of the product is selected individually. Take into account not only the length of the chain, but also the size and shape of the pendants, the frequency of their arrangement in relation to each other. For a thin and graceful neck should not buy too thick chains and large pendants. If possible, put the jewellery on your neck, try it on yourself. Even if you use online shopping services, you can return or exchange a piece of jewellery that doesn't fit.

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